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Planning and Coordinating Systems

The planning department in our company specializes in planning control for the route of the infrastructure in the pre-execution phase.

Our company carries out air conditioning projects of different sizes and with different complexities. Our company has a wide range of customers in the fields of: industry, laboratories (clean rooms), commerce, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and residential buildings.
Our company is certified to the ISO 9001 standard, registered with the Registrar of Contractors in industry 170 and has a professional classification in 4 and is certified to perform government work, including the Ministry of Defense.
Industry – Establishment of air conditioning systems and infrastructure in factories, laboratories, clean rooms.
Hospitals and clinics – construction and execution of air conditioning infrastructure in hospital wards and medical centers.
Commercial and sports centers and restaurants – construction and execution of air conditioning systems in malls, sports halls, including performance planning that matches the program and the required characterization.

Execution of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

Service and Maintenance

Our company includes a service and maintenance department

For air conditioning systems.

The service department, specializes in routine and preventive maintenance, including computerized documentation.

The technicians are professionally certified and have a high sense of service.


Maintenance services are for all air conditioning systems

The service includes an overview and full mapping of the equipment system,

Checking workloads compared to refrigeration requirements.

Every service call on the site is documented in a photocopy and a report of findings.


The service system operates nationwide.

The service includes, preventive maintenance including a thorough inspection and general service.

Areas of Operation


Fashion and Commercial Buildings

Tech Companies




Labs and Sterile Rooms

Restaurants and Cafes

Colleges, Schools and Sports Halls

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