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GSN Engineering and Air Conditioning Company Ltd.

Is an experienced and knowledgeable company operating in the field of cooling and air conditioning systems. GSN was founded in 2008 and carries out projects of various sizes and with high complexity that combine and include: chiller systems, water towers, cooling towers, air conditioning and industrial ventilation systems, air conditioning systems for laboratories and clean rooms, leachates, hoods, smoke release systems, filtration systems and VRF systems.

The company specializes in consulting and performing air conditioning in the institutional market, such as:

Hospitals, hotels, malls, retail chains, offices, laboratories, colleges, schools, sports halls, restaurants and residential buildings. The company meets the highest quality and safety standards, paying close attention to the quality of the material, professionalism, precise planning, complicated problem solving, perfect finish, full responsibility for each project, while maintaining a green environment.

Years of Experience
Branches (2 in Israel, 1 in Romania)
Projects in Parallel

Our company employs engineers, practical engineers, and technicians with extensive experience in the field of air conditioning, who undergo advanced training and courses on a regular basis and are at the forefront of technological innovation. GSN Engineering and Air Conditioning maintains a high level of service, quality control and professionalism.

The company is registered with the Registrar of Contractors and has a professional classification in industry 170 in the classification of contractors B. 4.

* The company is certified to the ISO 900 standard

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and Professional Manpower

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The customer is in our top priority . adheres to schedules

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Ghassan Abo Ahmad

Chairman and Owner | Bsc

The company’s founder, mechanical engineer and air conditioning engineer, has extensive experience in planning and executing projects in Israel and abroad. Gassan Abu Ahmad, is a second generation family specializing in air conditioning, and believes in a professional and quality team as a way to success and fulfillment.



Our Team

Ahmed Shwicki | Director of the Execution Division

Practical Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Practitioner, Certified Electrician

love for all hatred for none


Abir Bolus | Director of Finance

CPA, holds a B.A. in Accounting and Communications

To be dwarfs on the shoulders of giants


Manal Abo Ahmad | Head of Purchasing

Degree in Special Education B.A.

Don’t compete for success, strive to be valuable


Rawan Sharif | Head of Tenders

Degree in International Relations B.A.

never say never


Gregory Gurberg | Head engineer

Senior Engineer Specializing in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (MSc).

Has proven experience of over 30 years in the engineering and execution of air conditioning and cooling systems. Over the years, he has been a key figure in a wide variety of mega-projects for public and industrial buildings in Israel and abroad, such as various factories, hospitals and airports. Execution of a system design that is special and customized for the refrigeration industry. Proven experience in finding solutions to performance challenges, and converting air conditioning and cooling systems to improve the energy efficiency of existing facilities. As part of his vision for improving the quality of workmanship in the industry, he took part in giving lectures and training to engineers and technicians at one of the leading colleges in the field.

It Takes Vision to Start, Willpower to Continue and Persistence to Finish


Juliana Bisharat | PMO Planning Coordination Director

Practical Architecture and Interior Design

everything happen for a reason


Walaa Ziadat | Office Manager

B.A. in Business Administration, Home Styling Designer

Do things quietly.. success will already make the noise


Kirill Zuckerman | Project Manager

Thermoenergetic Mechanical Engineer M.A., extensive experience in setting up air conditioning systems in clinics and hospitals

Always learning and moving forward


Said Haddad | Project Manager

Practical Air Conditioning Practitioner, extensive experience in establishing commercial institutional projects

The Secret of Success – Reliability


Moshe Edri | Service and Support Department

Air conditioning technician

Don’t let problems push you down, let dreams lead you up


The late Aviv Hazan


When the desire increases, the difficulties decrease


Alaa Mrawat | Execution Manager

Mechanical Engineer


The starting point of any achievement is passion


Yigal Shaliv | project manager

Air conditioning engineer, working in air conditioning since 1973

Have fun


Abed Moasi | Foreman


Do good, you will receive good


Slava Kazantzev | Execution Manager

Certified electrician and extensive experience in managing the execution of air conditioning work

Don’t think about the future – build it


Solomon Kharets | Executive Director

Over 40 Years of Experience in Managing and Performing Air Conditioning Projects

Whatever You Do, Do It Well


Chen Bar Ziv | North Branch Operations Manager

Mechanical engineer | Air conditioning engineer

A planner in The Past and an Executive Contractor in Complex and Classified Projects

the Wise One – Who learns From Others


Yair Noah | Project Manager

Air Conditioning Engineer

Over 28 Years of Experience

Aim to the Moon, Even If You Miss, you’ll Land Among The Stars


 Paolina Ghattas | Senior Accountant

Certified Public Accountant

easy to make an enemy, hard to make a friend



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